The percentage raised of the remaining $1.5 million
for the new Upper School building

Closing The 1.5 Million Gap
Real Needs. Right Now.

The Break Down

We are at the finish line of closing out the remaining $1.5 Million of the Pioneer Tomorrow campaign. While the project is underway, we have real needs to complete the project. Right now.


Learning Studios

Need: $450,000 – Furniture and Technology for Classrooms and Study Spaces

Flexible furniture, interactive technology, and customized spaces to enhance the learning experience for students and teachers to collaborate and build community, advisories and clubs to gather, parents to partner with teachers, corporate experts to listen to pitches, students to lead conferences about their learning, School to host innovative experiences, and much more.


Faculty Hubs

Need: $250,000 – Furniture for Faculty Workspace

Multiple spaces for faculty to connect with students, collaborate and plan with colleagues, and engage with corporate experts.


Maker Space/STEM Zone

Need: $300,000 – Specialized Tools, Equipment, and Furniture in Action Lab

Multiple leading edge workspaces to explore latest research, experiment with innovative ideas, and fabricate designs through the lenses of science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurialism, and math.


Academic Advising and College Counseling

Need: $100,000 – Furniture for College Counseling Suite

Private space for personal meetings with families to discuss four-year Upper School academic schedule and potential college options and scholarship opportunities; large gathering space to welcome representatives from top colleges and universities throughout the country, including those within the state of Georgia.


Arts and Design Studios

Need: $400,000 – Furniture and Technology for Visual and Performing Arts and VR/Graphic Design Spaces

Multiple spaces for students to build, create, and perform in the Black Box Theater, dance studio, band and chorus rehearsal spaces, virtual reality lab, and photography, printmaking, and painting studios.